Brain Imaging, OCD and Magnetic Therapy

Discussion in 'Support' started by stophiss, Sep 1, 2017.

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      I am not a big Dr. Phil watcher but stumbled upon an episode about OCD which is a common characteristic of tinnitus sufferers….I am somewhere on the spectrum of feeling comfortable with daily rituals and get more out of sorts when deviating in large degree for example. I would say I am 'mildly' OCD although I may be in denial at some level and suffer more than I concede.

      So this show caught my interest and even though I don’t participate on this forum so much anymore because I have come to terms with my tinnitus on some level although some days it is quite bothersome, of course I join all here and hope one day for a viable therapy to mitigate this incessant, unwelcome sound in our head.

      While watching this episode, OCD seems to be related to tinnitus perhaps in brain activity and may in fact even share same areas of the brain due to commonality between OCD and tinnitus. And of course we as a collective here from time to time discuss neural plasticity aka the brains ability to change and of course many of us recall that fateful day when our brains changed and brought tinnitus into our lives. So we would like to see a therapy whereby our brains could be ‘changed back’ to when we didn’t have this brain disorder…a time when our neural pathways of hearing were ‘different’ which didn’t create this phantom, brain generated sound we live with now.

      Please have a look at this compelling video. I am perhaps a bit cynical by nature because of my science background but perhaps neural pathways can be altered to tune out tinnitus. One day. If the following video is to be believed, there has been a 72% success rate on introducing a magnetic field to alter neural tracks which extinguish OCD which again may even be related to tinnitus.

      There are many here that follow tinnitus research closer than I. Please post your thoughts if you would…if possible through brain imagining if magnetic therapy maybe applicable to tinnitus in your opinion.

      Thanks for watching:
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      I'm surprised @stophiss that more folk haven't commented on this clip so far. It certainly looks very similar to rTMS. Maybe it's the Dr. Phil connection that puts people off, though I admit to being a closet admirer of his show now and again.

      Like rTMS, this treatment localises the aberrant areas of the brain using MRI and then uses magnetic stimulus to reorganise the brain towards a healthier state. Is it rTMS in a different cloak? I too, wish more technically knowledgable folk would comment on this therapy in relation to tinnitus. Could be something in it for us. Who knows?
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