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Discussion in 'Support' started by JackieT, Sep 17, 2016.

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      Hi everyone, I am completely new here, I just wanted to share something that has been helping me. I have had a hard time finding anyone with a tinnitus problem quite like mine - it comes and goes so I only have it about 5-7 days out of the month and it lasts for hours at a time. My mom and I both experience it and we always called it ear hiccups. Neither of us ever saw a doctor for it.

      Here is what I have found that REALLY helps...brown noise. I was experiencing my ear hiccups once and realized that when I ran the water in the sink, the sound stopped. It started again when I turned the water off. I tried again, same result. So I opened my "white noise" app on my phone that I use for my daughter to sleep with and flipped through sounds until I found one that helped. It was the Brown Noise noise. I hold it close to my ear and turn it up relatively loud until the hiccups stop. It only takes maybe 15 seconds. I keep the sound going for another minute or two, then turn it off and I'm hiccup free.

      It has worked every time for a couple of months now. So I wanted to share it with you all in case this might help even just one or two other people. The relief is amazing!

      Best of luck to everyone!
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      Thanks, bro, I find that certain types of noise reduce my T for a while, I'll give it a try

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