Bupropion Gave Me Tinnitus (Because of Reduced Liver Enzyme CYP2C19?)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by TobyJ, Apr 21, 2024.

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      I've had tinnitus since 11/2021, after taking 150 mg of Bupropion for 14 days.

      I stopped taking it when I noticed I had tinnitus, but over the following two weeks, it got worse. It was very, very bad for a while, but it went down to a low level over the next few months.

      Now, two and a half years later, it's still the same—a background tone all the time. I only really notice it when it's quiet, e.g., when going to bed or waking up or when working alone without music on.

      It also damaged my hearing - I can't hear tones around 6 kHz (±2 kHz, both ears).

      One thing that might be interesting for Tinnitus Talk is that I recently discovered my liver produces less CYP2C19 enzyme than is normal. According to this, it could increase the toxicity of Bupropion!

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      I'm sorry to hear it. You are another victim of handing antidepressants out like candy. Thank you for sharing your story.

      You have it quiet, lucky you. Do EVERYTHING to keep it that way and protect your hearing. No loud events, no headphones, use earplugs in cars (risk of airbag explosions), no ultrasonic dental cleaning, avoid dentists in general (seek laser dentistry), avoid MRIs, etc.

      You don't want to become a severe case, or a suicide statistic.

      Good luck.
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