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      I was reading up on Cochlear Synaptic Tinnitus and found that there are some trials currently taking place of a drug called Caroverin - it is in phase 3 of the trials and is now being injected as that appears to be the best mode of treatment. It appears to be having very positive effects which is extremely encouraging. While this drug is still not available, I also read in the same article about a product called Calmaspray. I Googled it but all the links I found were in languages other than English. I have fairly good French and from what I read of the reviews they looked pretty positive. I am thinking of buying some. Please see the initial article here: taphlan pharmaceuticals ltd | calmaverine | tinnitus treatment
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      We have a Caroverine thread here: Tinnex (Caroverine) | Tinnitus Talk Support Forum

      Regarding Calmaspray, I found this eBay listing: Traitement Acouphène Calmaspray | eBay

      There are a couple of other sellers on eBay too.

      Calmaspray doesn't seem to contain Caroverine though.

      Google Translated result: "A spray based on physiological sea water, which has next to his ear hygiene properties, thanks to a plant extract , a soothing effect on the interference clamors in my ears."
      Source: Mergens Calmaspray 30 ml Spray online bestellen.
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