Can Alka-Seltzer Cause a Tinnitus Spike?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Colby, Sep 18, 2014.

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    1. Colby

      Colby Member

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      Just wondering if Alka-seltzer can cause a spike. Coming down with some kind of bug and seems like I got a spike after taking it.
    2. Teri

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      Does it have aspirin in it? I believe aspirin has been known to cause not only spikes in T but has been identified as a medicine that causes T.

      Medicines have different effects on people. I can't take Ibuprophen due to spikes in my T. But then Ibuprophen does not have any effect on other folks with T.
    3. Colby

      Colby Member

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      It contains the same ingredients as ibuprophen so maybe I am sensitive to it also. Thanks...
    4. yonkapin

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      March 2012
      It'd be the asprin causing a spike. Asprin and other NSAIDs like ibuprophen are ototoxic but the effects are almost always temporary unless you're taking ridiculous amounts over long periods of time.

      Hope you feel better soon!
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    5. Colby

      Colby Member

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      Do you recommend anything for slight fever. Coming down with cold or flu and need something for fever. Thanks

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