Can Audiogram Test Cause More Hearing Loss?

Discussion in 'Support' started by bwspot, Feb 10, 2015.

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      Is it possible to further damage ones hearing with the audiogram test?
      For the audiogram in order to know the hearing levels the tones must be played loud enough to be heard. If one has lets say already 60db loss at specific frequency louder tones must be played to find that loss level.
      How low frequency testing differs from high frequency testing? (4000hz or 8000hz vs 12000hz or 16000hz) Don't we need more volume to be able to hear high frequency tones (those above 12000-14000) or it should be the same volume no matter what is the frequency?
      @Dr. Nagler - please feel free to comment if you have any knowledge about this
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      Probably headphones
      No it can not. The volume levels are VERY low.
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      Are the levels on the audiograms in DB same as Db used by regular speakers?
      So, if one has 60db loss at specific frequency the signal volume generated to hear at that frequency would be 60db?
      Therefore only in cases of huge hearing loss the volumes generated would be very high?
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      It is impossible for an audiogram to damage one's hearing. Even if the dB level of the test sound were as high as 115dB (which it never is, save for cases of truly profound hearing loss), the length of time exposed to that sound is insufficient to cause damage.

      stephen nagler
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      Thank you. When people loose ability to hear high frequencies (more then 8000hz) at older age what is the typical loss in dB? I wonder how would the typical audiogram look for healthy ear at age of 40,50,60,70.

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