Can Hitting Your Forehead Cause Hearing Damage or Tinnitus Increase?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Christian82, Jun 18, 2020.

    1. Christian82

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      Hey all,

      I banged my forehead hard a couple of times within a short time.

      Now I have an extremely bad tinnitus spike.

      Can hitting your forehead cause hearing damage?

      I did hear new chip chip sound a couple of times an hour later but that is gone now.

      Thank you for your advice!!

    2. Brooklyn NY

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      November 5, 2017
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      probably pepto bismo and aspercreme
      Hi, sorry to hear about that. During my 2.5 years with tinnitus, I’ve hit my head a few times, never particularly hard. These things happen and are unavoidable. When I have done this, sometimes I get spikes, but they have been temporary, sometimes a few hours, once it lasted a couple of days. Good luck.
    3. magiccat

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      Noice Induced
      How did it go?
    4. Rust

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      (2008 initially) 2015 as I know it today
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      Initially stress, but noise exposure made it worse
      I'd love to hear this too.
    5. AUTHOR

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      It was good after but now it happened again! I really hope it goes down again.

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