Can L-Glutamine in Soy Worsen Tinnitus? On Vegan Diet for 6 Months, and Tinnitus Is Worse

Discussion in 'Support' started by Jan2000, Oct 17, 2020.

    1. Jan2000

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      Stress, shot
      Hello everyone,

      I have been on a vegan diet for 6 months now, and during the time, 2 new tinnitus sounds were added to my 'repertoire'. Both due to stress I suppose, but also without any kind of trauma. One ear just started ringing loudly, the ringing subsided, and some morse code tinnitus remained.

      Now, what changed most about my diet is the protein intake. Everything else (vitamins, trace elements etc.) basically improved. My proteins come mostly from full-grain rice and wheat, and soy protein shakes and soy 'fake meat'.

      Soy has a very large amount of L-Glutamine. Just recently I read that this is responsible for increasing auditory signal processing.

      What can I do against this? I read L-Taurine helps, is there anything else?
    2. Born To Slay

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      Loud concert
      I’m vegan also and drink massive amounts of soy milk per week, I haven’t noticed any effect of it.
    3. Psych

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      Soy has a lot of histamine and oxalates, so if you're sensitive to those, that may be an issue. Just a guess!
    4. Zeneth

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      Maybe noise?
      Being vegan is probably the worst thing you can do for your tinnitus. My advice would be to stop.

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