Can Pulling a Neck Muscle Cause Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Uri38, Apr 27, 2015.

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    1. Uri38

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      I pulled a neck muscle (left side) about 4 weeks ago. About a day later I noticed a high pitch sound and woke up to buzzing ears. Next day I noticed some clicking on my jaw on the left side (didn't happen before). Went to 2 ENT's, had a hearing test which was normal and ear MRI was normal. Brain MRI revealed a mild sinus infection.

      Over the course of 2-3 weeks and several physical therapy sessions the neck is feeling better and the sound has diminished ~50% and has turned more into a hissing sound than a pitch. About 2 days ago I noticed that finally my jaw wasn't clicking as much when opening/closing on the left. I've also noticed that being in a noisy area seems to intensify the hiss/ring, and as soon as its quieter it goes down. Noise seems to move from side to side but as of recently seems more on the right.

      My question is could there be a relationship between tinnitus and a neck muscle/issue? I don't recall having this issue before until that day I woke up with my chin down and neck turned. My range of motion was terrible after pulling the muscle, now its much better but there are times when all of a sudden my neck and upper back muscles tense/stiff up.
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      My guess is when you sleep with an awkward position for the neck that blood was not flowing to the inner hair cells and as result it was damaged? It is just my guess. Can anyone comment on this?
    3. Uri38

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      Will taking Predisone (steroid) for a week help at this point?
    4. Uri38

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      would an MRI pick up an infection of the ear? Or could tinnitus be caused by ETD (clogged tubes)?
    5. heymiguel

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    6. Cristian Ro

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      I have the same problem now, the sound pitched from around 8000Hz to 13.000 Hz and my neck muscles seem to be always tense.
      Also, my neck crack when I move it left to right...
      Any ideas/solutions?
      Thank you.
    7. linearb

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      do you do work where you sit a lot and/or use a computer? What's your posture like? Do you do any yoga or stretching or anything?

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