Can Reactive Tinnitus Feel External?

Discussion in 'Support' started by CarloZ, Nov 28, 2015.

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      Hello guys. Haven't been here in 2 weeks, mainly because I was doing so great. I basically feel like I'm almost habituated to my regular hissing/static tinnitus that made made cry so much in the first month. I was happy for a while. Still kind of am, but I'm full of fear again. 2 weeks a go I posted that I may have a wind sounding reactive T. Not sure I still do have the same sound or just forgot how it sounded. But for the past weeks I just thought to my self, maybe I'm just listening to every detail a device or the environment makes, maybe I'm just being over anxious. I was in that mindset for 2 weeks, so I just ignored it. But these last few days I'm pretty sure I have a reactive T over my regular tinnitus. In fact, it's possible that I may have a multiple tone sound reacting T. I hear so many tones, but again, sometimes I feel like I'm just being over anxious about sounds. The thing about this T though is that it feel so external. Like, if I'm hearing something from the kitchen in my room, I hear my possible reactive T from the kitchen, not from my head or ears. If I head hear something from my left ear, my tones comes from the left ear, and vice versa. Pretty much feels like it's what I'm hearing that is making the noises.
      What do think, could I be just over anxious about noise, or could actually be reactive T? This has only started 2 and half months after my regular T started. Really scared about hearing and noticing new noises. :(
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      Hey Carloz, I don't really have an answer for you man, but I want you to know I'm going through the same EXACT thing. I feel like I have certain sounds In my head that react to external stimuli, but the weird thing is, I can't really differentiate which is which and it kinda makes me feel like I'm losing it. I can't tell if It's my T or real noise. To be honest, I think it's a combination of both. I think my T reacts to sound with a few different frequencies but I also think that sometimes I think it's my T and it's not. I can tell you one thing, with every key I press on this keyboard I hear a beep. I also hear 2 separate tones coming from my computer, one which I never noticed before (which is why i was browsing tinnitus talk and happened upon your post). When I put my ear closer to the computer it sounds less and less like those tones are actually being generated by the computer itself. They even seem like they disappear a little bit. Weird. All trucks sound the same when they pass me by because they sound like they're whistling, too, which is one reason why I'm sure that my T is actually reacting to sound and I'm not going bananas. All of this, by the way, is completely separate from my baseline, regular T, which is full of all different frequencies from high to low. It seems like the reactive nature of my T is getting worse and worse daily and I don't even really know when it started. Maybe, a year ago? Two? Something like that. BUT!! The more I read about sound reactive T, the more hopeful I am that it IS likely to calm down a bit and maybe even stop completely. Some people seem to think it's related in some way to hyperacusis (something i definitely suffer from), and many many people have gotten rid of that completely. Who knows? Only time. It definitely spiked for me over the last week or so but I'm trying not to panic and I'm doing fine so far. We'll get through it, man. If this DOES keep up, we can habituate to it. Much love.

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