Can the Auditory Nerve Heal Over Time?

Discussion in 'Dr. Stephen Nagler (MD)' started by Asian, Jan 25, 2015.

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    1. Asian

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      Hello again Dr. Nagler!

      I want to know your opinion on the recovery of the auditory nerve. My ENT suspects that my auditory nerve has become weak because of the trauma to my head, leading to tinnitus. I am aware that nerve damage is usually permanent but is there a slight chance that the nerve would repair itself overtime? The ENT says yes it might. But i haven't been reading positive stuff about it on internet. I take curcumin, B12 ,omega 3 suppliment and all of the antioxidants that i have read might help with my nerve problem and also doing some yoga. Any thoughts if it can heal overtime ? Or atleast partially recover ?

      Many thanks for your precious time
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    2. Dr. Nagler

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      Your ENT knows much more about your case than I - but to be honest with you, the concept of a "weakened" auditory nerve is totally foreign to me.

      In all honesty, I doubt it.

      Here again, your ENT knows your case far better than I.

      Well, here's what I think. I think that in general folks on this board spend too much time in fantasyland - hoping and praying for things that are highly unlikely to occur. Note that I said highly unlikely rather than impossible. The problem with hoping and praying for the highly unlikely is that it creates a barrier to moving on with your life. I would much rather see folks focus on moving on with their lives - and then if the highly unlikely does occur, consider it to be a delightful bonus rather than the goal.

      Let's take LLLT, one of my "favorite" subjects, as an example ...

      Is there the most remote possibility that somebody might do LLLT and subsequently experience an improvement in his or her tinnitus that is in fact due to the LLLT itself as opposed to coincidence or placebo? Sure, the operative phrase there being "the most remote possibility." But you've got a couple of threads on this board that would lead the reader to believe that if you can just get the dose and equipment right, then improvement or even cure will be a reasonable expectation. Moreover, opinions to the contrary (no matter how respectfully voiced) are not welcome in those threads; they must be expressed elsewhere. I realize that there are arguments both ways, but as I see things, it is very important that all sides of the argument get exposure in one place; otherwise people can persist totally unchecked in their "If I can only get the equipment and dose right ..." thinking and thereby lose focus on moving ahead with their lives.

      Where does that leave you and your auditory nerve, @Asian? If I were you, I would assume that your auditory nerve is not going to repair itself over time. Focus on moving ahead with your life - so your life can truly be fulfilling, productive, and enjoyable in spite of your tinnitus. And if at some point in time your auditory nerve does miraculously repair itself, then you can celebrate (and buy a round for the entire board ... so we can celebrate with you!) Either way, you will be a winner.

      stephen nagler
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