Can the Body of God Help Me?

Discussion in 'Support' started by needtostop, Feb 15, 2016.

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      OK so I don't have the body go god physically, but I think I eat well, and was exercising 3 times a week just a week ago...

      I don't eat any sugared or processed foods, don't drink alcohol, stopped 18 weeks ago, don't smoke.

      I eat lots of greens, fruits, wholemeal whenever I have grains.

      So, is there a chance that looking after oneself will drive tinnitus away?

      I have had a ringing in my ear now for 4 or 5 days... I can only assume it's some form of tinnitus. I read optimistically that it can go after x amount of time? Anyone know the percentage of that?

      And as above, will the looking after the body help?

    2. Nick Pyzik

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      Listening to in-ear headphones & playing in a band
      Well the good news is that if you keep up on the diet and exercising you're doing then you'll be living a very healthy lifestyle and it's something that will be very beneficial for you as you keep aging. The bad news is I'm not sure about your Tinnitus because I'm not sure how you got it.

      Do you know what caused it?
    3. needtostop

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      Not particularly.
      Could have been stress or pain. As my back felt tight leading up to the moment it sort of kicked in. But also power tools. But weeks befor IT kicked in. Not sure. Could be metal dust from sanding metal surfaces. I am praying every night it does one. (Not religious I'm just throwing it out there, any God can catch it I don't care I just want it gone).
      It seems to be quieter tonight. Hope that's a good sign. I've been using ear phones in the day with no music and just ordered some decent branded ear plugs suggested on here.
      Taking preventative measures now till it goes!
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    4. Blackbird26

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      you know, your thread title is very misleading lol
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      Sorry didn't mean to get your hopes up.. :)
    6. Blackbird26

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      lol...anyways aside from thread titles..getting yourself in maximum shape definitely has its weight lifting though, especially if you say you had a tight back prior..could be related!...otherwise a happy fit body leads to a calm mind..exercise releases serotonin. ..pretty much it was answered above ^^ though..Can it directly get rid of t? no..

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