Can tinnitus remain in the brain even though its cause is resolved?

Discussion in 'Support' started by michela, May 26, 2014.

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      hi there, here in germany ive been reading many times that if you have tinnitus for other reasons than noise damage -lets say for example somatic-and tinnitus does not go away within several months it will be "inside the brain", even if the actual cause that made it start in the first place-for example tmj- is gone now.
      that would be crazy and scary! i mean ,if that is true ,we would not have any tinnitus cured people after one or two years ,and we all know there are people where it leaves even after years...
      so what do you think about this? i have it for 6 months now, its somatic tinnitus,started right after the prolapsed disc in my cervical spine,the docter thinks this is muscular or the blood flow is affected. it started with cricket sounds ,now it changes loudness EVERY day,some days i cant barely hear it ,other days a bit louder, but almost always i hear it only in quiet places.
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      I have been concerned about this too. Good question.

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