Can You All Give Me Some Suggestions on What a Good Job Would Be for Someone with Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by JasonP, Sep 2, 2016.

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      I am not talking minor T, I am talking about T that acts up and is really bothersome at times.

      I am thinking it might be good to work in an environment with some background noise. For example, being a truck driver. I think a lot of the T could be masked by the noise of the road or the radio or talking on CB radio, or perhaps cracking the window (need to be careful with that though because it could cause hearing damage over time).

      Of course we don't want to be in too loud of an environment. What are your thoughts?
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      Being a truck driver, your only companion is gonna be your tinnitus.
      I'd avoid it.
    3. hoper

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      i was a truck driver. After a while you get very lonely in the truck-cockpit. truck driver is only an option if you have a family or alot of friends, but if you live alone at home and drive every day alone in a truck you will get lonely as hell...
    4. Kar4
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      acoustic trauma
      To me, the best job would be something outside. Plant trees, gardening etc. While in forest, surrounded only by blowing wind and singing birds, I am able to complete ignore my T.
      But for many reasons it is not possible to earn like this.

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