Can You Recommend Tinnitus Specialists in the UK?

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      Dear Dr Nagler,

      I hope you are well. I've been browsing some of the Q&As you've been answering and was wondering if you could please tell me of any specialists in the UK that you recommend or know of?

      Furthermore, just wanted to ask if there's any detriment to not doing sound enrichment overnight? My tinnitus has been slowly getting better over the past 3 months sleeping in silence.

      Kind regards,
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      I am. Thank you for the good wishes, Ash.

      I know of three - but to be honest with you, I am way way out of that loop. In fact, I do not even know if any of the three are still in practice. And if they are, I do not know what the current thrust of their work might be. The three are Laurence McKenna, Jacqui Sheldrake, and Lucy Handscomb.

      But better than merely offering you a list of names, allow me to suggest some questions to ask as you do your own due diligence in locating a tinnitus specialist who might be a good fit for you:

      · What is the approach the clinician is recommending, and why is it appropriate for me?
      · What type of training has the clinician undergone in the use of that approach?
      · How long has the clinician been using the approach?
      · How many tinnitus sufferers has the clinician treated with the approach?
      · What is the clinician's success rate using the approach?
      · How does the clinician define and measure success?

      In general if folks are having difficulty with sleep, I suggest trying not to sleep in silence. But, Ash, you are sleeping in silence just fine! So I certainly wouldn't rock that boat. (I have just updated Point #8 in my "Hints for Sleep" article to clarify that there is no need to avoid silence at night if you are sleeping well. So thanks for making me re-think it.)

      Hope this helps.

      Stephen M. Nagler, M.D.

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