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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Bunyod, May 27, 2015.

    1. Bunyod

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      august 2014
      Hi everyone! I am 23 years old.

      I have tinnitus in the left ear since august or september 2014. It was not so strong at the beginning, but with some time passed on it was getting worse. Then I contacted a doctor otolaryngologist and he said that it is because of headphones used to listen to the music. Also he detected that my hearing ability had worsened. Then we wanted to search for other possible causes and I checked my vessels and made x-ray of my head. Everything was good. Then he recommended me drugs (don't remember the name) and it didn't help me at all.

      After two months I contacted psychoneurologist. He also said it was because of headphones and have written me a course of treatment. I have recieved trental and nicotine injections during a 10 days period. After a course he also recommended me drugs vazonite. After the course I really felt much better, noise was lower and the head was lighter. But some time later the noise returned.

      In February the thigs got much worse, not only the noise in my left ear was disturbing me, but also in my head. From that time I couldn't work a lot, couldn't study. Nowadays the noises appear very loud in every morning as a wake up. During the day it almost does not distrub me becaus there are other noises around me. In the evening it becomes louder and before I sleep it is unbearable. But I can control myself and try to sleep faster and have no problems when I am asleep.

      So I can tolerate during the day when I am at work and sometimes I even forget about that. But at home when I have so many things to do, so many things to learn, I just can't do anything I can't concentrate I can't read, so I just go to sleep. I am really tired of this.

      Now I am here and hope to find any treatment any suggestions so I can get rid of tinnitus and work and study as before. I hope people here can help me.

      Thank you in advance.
    2. Carm

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      Why don't you have masking on at home?

      Put this in the background:

      Cricket sound 8 hours of nature forest sounds...

      Why not rainy sound?

      We are unlucky people because there are no good treatments. It's all about masking the problem instead of correcting it...

    3. AUTHOR

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      august 2014
      Thank you, Carm.

      I tried masking several times, however i used music instead of natural sounds. Music didn't help me becaus I used to work in a science.
      Anyways I will try to make it with what you suggested, thank you.

      However I can't mask it all my life, because tinnitus makes my hearing ability worse I feel the decline in my hearing and don't want it totally gone one day. There should be someone who managed to treat tinnitus, no?
    4. Gosia

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      earplugs/ hearing loss
      Hi Bunyod. I was probably like you : needed perfect silence to sleep or study. Surprisingly enough, I could study even when T and the following depression hit me. I got it right before my exam session and I just couldn't bear losing school because of this so I was fighting. Since it was so important to me, I could focus as long as I slept at night. Sleeping was a real problem. First 6 weeks I haven't slept fully even once. Sounds of rain or coloured noises annoyed me more than calmed me down. I actually stuck to some ambient music, a bit astral, feels like travelling in the universe. It must be pretty stable also, no sudden changes in sounds, no singing, no sharp sounds. I sleep with this very successfully and that's also what feel best as a masker when I'm awake.
      Otherwise the golden rule is you should never stay in total silence. ( and avoid loud noises, of course ). Always have sth silent playing around you. Not only for your comfort but also not to give your brain the chance to focus on T as sth important.
      When it comes to getting rid of T..if it was possible, this forum wouldn't exist ;) and it's possible that you will have to mask all your life. Hopefully for us all, not, but if others can mask for tens of years, so can you.
      Sb who managed to treat T ? yes. But not cured. Masking is treating. Otherwise you can read about some drugs people use here.
      Tinnitus doesn't damage your hearing so if it's gone one day it's for other reasons. Except if it gets so loud you won't be able to hear anything else but I haven't read about such a case. Keep reading, good luck.
      And try to sustain a bit more? Tell yourself T cannot influence your studying or work. Still, you're very lucky you can just go and fall asleep as you want.
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    5. AUTHOR

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      august 2014
      Thank you, Gosia.

      I will try to ignore T, however I'm sure I will miss the silence, if T will not disappear. I also hope there will come a real solution to this problem one day and every person with T will be able to get rid of it.
    6. Cymro41

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      There are some very clever people working on a cure right now and I am very hopeful that in the not too distant future, say 5-6 years , something exciting will show up. Keep your spirits up. Do what you enjoy and stay healthy. God's blessing.
    7. Brianna
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      No clue - too many causes.
      Tinnitus doesn't damage hearing but it does affect it negatively. The only sound I currently hear are ciadias ripping in my head. Tuning it out is impossible right now. If you put me up for an audiogram, there would be issues in it. Normally, I'm focused trying to hear the tones but for right now, I can't focus enough to do that. It also creates major distractions, so my hearing appears and actually is worse. Is that a hearing loss as we all know it? Technically, no. My hearing becomes much more complicated and there are a number of times I'll ask if my hearing has dropped because between the T and the cochlear implant, I cannot tell where the real issue is. Right now, it's tinnitus.

      I agree that anyone who can fall asleep with this is in better shape than most.
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