Car Accident, Airbag Went Off, Not Wearing Earplugs — Hyperacusis and Distortions Worse

Discussion in 'Support' started by Brian Newman, Mar 12, 2021.

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      Hey guys, I just experienced what most of us fear of. Yes, I got in a car accident yesterday. Some lady ran a stop sign and I flew into her causing my steering wheel airbag to go off. It was horrible. It was the one time I was not wearing my earplugs in my delivery van.

      I got my tinnitus years ago from shooting guns which was pretty mild until December where I was powerlifting with earplugs in. I woke up the next day with horrible hyperacusis, and dysacusis, along with a new fluttering noise in my ears. Lucky me. I tried Prednisone, which just brought the fluttering from my right ear into my head. I tried diuretics, they helped a bit along with going to the chiropractor. I have been having a really rough couple months battling depression and trying to work.

      I don’t know how I’m going to get through this guys. The hyperacusis is even worse and the distortions are absolutely terrible. The ringing is somehow about the same. I got a hearing test today. I somehow still have no hearing loss after the loud airbag. A week ago I tested at 0 dB loss all the way up to 14 kHz. I got a hearing test today only up to 8 kHz. No hearing loss in those ranges.

      I was actually taken in an ambulance to the hospital and got all kinds of tests done, CT scans, x-rays. I have a mild concussion, no broken bones but my back and neck are killing me. Luckily in the ER I explained to the doctor that I needed Prednisone pronto, so I got on a 40 mg dose that I will taper back after 4 days. It’s helping a lot with the swelling and inflammation in my ears.

      For years I was afraid of car accidents, searching every post on here trying to figure out if it can make things much worse.

      Any of you guys reading this, do not take any chances! Wear earplugs when you are driving, those airbags are as loud as shooting a pistol. The past months I have been wishing I was dead, now this is just the nail in the coffin. I don’t know how much longer I will be around. I can’t deal with the ear problems anymore. It’s absolutely terrible.

      I was trying to get my life back and just get by when some idiot ruins my life even more. I am suing this lady for everything she’s got, hopefully I can get some money so I can chill out for a couple years. If not, I’m not sure what I will do. I hope you all take care of yourselves and your ears, don’t take any chances.
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