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Discussion in 'Support' started by Barbara777, Jun 7, 2015.

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      Finally, after 4 months of T, I started feeling better in the past week and decided to go with my friend to the local casino yesterday afternoon. I wore my earplugs all day except taking them out to eat something. Even with my earplugs in it was so loud in the casino. My ears started whistling really loud as soon as I got there, and haven't let up since. This was the first time I thought maybe my life could get back to normal and I could start socializing again. Now I'm sitting home upset and sorry that I even went. I looked at all the people in the casino (it was really crowded) and no one seemed bothered by the noise. I'm afraid I've made my t worse now. How can a person live a normal life when T screams as soon as you go anywhere?
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      I went to bar yesterday and felt the same. I wish I would know answer to your question. I don't know maybe just wait and hope for the best? We must find joy somewhere else. T is a beast and only accepting it can make a change. Fighting it seems not to be helping. Mine started one year ago and I did not have a day without thinking about it since. Maybe that's my problem.

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