Cause of Tinnitus: Concussion — What Made It Worse: Ginkgo Biloba and Vitamin B6

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      Hi guys, my name is Dani. I'll give the story of how my tinnitus started. I got bullied in high school 10 years ago and suffered a concussion hitting my head against a locker. I started to get ear spasm and dizziness. I was terrified on what is happening. I went to the family doctor, they removed a ton of wax and my hearing got better. A short while after, the spasms came back. This time was from ear infection. I will note my left ear has these spasms and not my right. Reason being before my concussion ever happened, years before, I accidentally poked my left eardrum with a q tip and had it ruptured.

      I had a lot of ear infections and it caused spasms. I had yeast infections so they caused spasms too.

      After that I was doing fine for few years until 14 days ago.

      I was taking my usual supplements, Zinc, Magnesium, B12 and my psychiatrist told me to try Ginkgo Biloba and B6. I did that.

      A few days later after exercising I went back my room and the spasms showed up. I'm not 100% sure if the spasms started occurring when I was taking Ginkgo Biloba and B6 or after stopping but either way it caused them. I have had recent blood work and tests came back negative for infection, anemia etc.

      So I honestly don't know what to do now.

      Since 2014 I have taken psych medicines. Risperidone for a year which made me a zombie. Seroquel and Citalopram after that made me feel good. However eventually Seroquel caused muscle stiffness and pain spasms came back. Started Benzatropine and spams went away. Nowadays Rexulti (Brexpriprazole) and Bupropion. The Rexulti recently started to make me feel like Seroquel, causing muscle stiffness and pain. I also have Tardive Dyskinesia.

      Spasms wise when I wake up and go to washroom it happens more often than not. I believe I have a rectal issue because pooping burns somewhat and is painful even after I'm done. If I lie down on my side vs sitting, lying down causes much less spasms because I use cervical pillow and sitting up my neck position is diagonal or down. Also, the spasms went away everytime my infections cleared up.

      I don't know what to do. If more details needed, reply please.
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      See if I got the essence of your report:

      Ginkgo Biloba and B6 gave you spasms since you started taking them 14 days ago.

      And you still have said spasms even after discontinuing Ginkgo Biloba and B6?

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