Changing Your Brain and the Way You Think (Science and Mindfulness)

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      Although this article in not T- related, it does show you the power of the brain and how you can change your thinking to make a difference in your life. Sometimes just taking control of your own life is the best medicine to overcome your adversities.

      Your glass really can become half full: Train your brain to become an OPTIMIST in seven weeks

      -Michael Mosley has investigated the science of personality and discovered that our outlook on life is not fixed and unchangeable
      -By regularly practicing two mental exercises - mindfulness and cognitive-bias modification - and with no drugs or therapy he felt happier
      -Cutting edge tests showed that within just seven weeks his brain activity became less characteristic of a pessimistic and anxious person
      -Study has shown that on average, being optimistic can add more than seven years to a life....
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      Yet another good book worth reading "a brain that changes itself" by Norman doidge
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      I have been a T for about 7 years. It's mostly in my left ear but lately spreads throughout my head and right ear. I read a book about self hypnosis with your eyes open and started practicing. I can visualize the T moving back into my left ear. I am attempting to visualize encapsulating the sound and removing it. I'm also taking vitamin b12 for brain plasticity. I'll keep you informed of my progress.

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