Clogged Ears After ENT Doctor Remove My Earwax Manually and Also Tinnitus Isn't Gone

Discussion in 'Support' started by June Rex Ramos, Jul 14, 2015.

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      earwax remove using q-tip
      Need really help , i have tinnitus 2 weeks now started when i cleaned my ear using a q-tip ,, went to ENT doctor in first 5 days, she said that my tinnitus is because of earwax blocking my eardrum and causing vibrations that resulting to tinnitus .... well she manually get some earwax in my ear and said buy earwax drops and comeback to him 7days after using the drops ... yesterday is my appointment to him and as usual she cleaned my ears manually again but still tinnitus don`t went away and worst is i even have clogged ears now after the cleaning,,,

      my question is it because my ENT did not cleaned my ears properly ? or my tinnitus is probably have diffrent cause ?

      any answers from you guys will surely helpful to me and also i really just want to know more about tinnitus :(

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