Clothes Steam Generator Iron — Is It Dangerous?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Romain B., Jul 1, 2018.

    1. Romain B.

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      Today my mom was using it while I was walking near by her and she released a big "PssssshhhhhhhhHHhhh"... I was maybe at 10 feet. It was a very unpleasant sound! It didn't hurt though but I am very scared because the noise was really loud.

      Is there a way to get damage from that kind of noise?
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    2. Tinker Bell

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      SSHL from virus
      The noise of steam released from an iron? A standard consumer iron or an industrial iron?

      Likely it was the frequencies that bothered you. It was very unlikely not loud enough to cause hearing danage.
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    3. Davey126

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      Very unlikely it caused any damage my friend. You said you were “scared” of the sound and had no pain. Most likely your anxiety. Don’t stress about it too much or you’ll convince yourself it did do damage. Stay strong.
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    4. AUTHOR
      Romain B.

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      @Tinker Bell : It was a standard consumer one with steam generator.. Thx for your point of view ! It's exactly what i thought, the frequencies was really unpleasant !

      @Davey126 : A big thx too, i think it's the anxiety from that unpleasant noise for sure but at that moment i couldn't figured out what was this noise, just unpleasant or the one that can make your hearing worst ! I just can't say anymore when a sound is just bothersome or actually a real danger ! I will stay strong.

      Thx Buddys for support !
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