Cochlear Hairs "Pushed Over"? Do I Have Temporary Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by samlevinenc, Sep 5, 2016.

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      Hi all,

      2 days ago I got back from my 4th dove hunt; I am 15 years old and usually very adamant about using ear protection. I got out on the field and couldn't find ear plugs, asked as many people as I could if they had extras, etc. but no luck. My uncles all told me that I'd be fine, it was just one time hunting without ear protection and that they hunt without it all the time with no medical problems or hearing loss. about halfway through the day we get in the car to leave and I notice this annoying ringing in my left ear, scared me really bad because it just wouldn't go away; my uncle told me it would go away within a couple hours, maybe a day or so. I am now on my second day of tinnitus and I am really anxious for answers.

      First, Do I have permanent damage? every thread tells me something different. the ringing has definitely gotten a little better but I can still hear it in quiet rooms and sometimes distinguish it against other noises.

      Second, I was reading something on a doctor's website about how when you're exposed to acoustic trauma, the hairs in your cochlea aren't necessarily permanently damaged, but rather crimped or pushed over due to the excessive noise. Is there any truth to this?

      Lastly, if my damage is indeed temporary, Am I at a higher risk for this sort of thing in the future? I will surely never make this mistake again, but am I to forever steer clear of concerts forever without incurring permanent damage? Any answer is appreciated.
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      @samlevine. Did it ever get better?
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      Acoustic trauma
      I think you did worse to the poor animals maybe you deserve what happen to you

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