Coffee Mug Accident — New Tone That Reacts to Certain Areas of the Room?

Discussion in 'Support' started by RonnieThailand, May 24, 2021.

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      A few hours ago (11 PM) I accidentally dropped a coffee mug on the floor, it bounced a few inches and surprisingly didn't break, which meant it was extra loud because it bounced more than once on the marble floor. I took some NAC, went to sleep, and now woke up 2 hours later with a new tone that's much lower in pitch than any sounds I've had before, in addition to my usual hissing/crickets sound.

      This sound seems to react and get louder in certain areas of the room and in a very repeatable/reproducible way. I know that the very center of my room is where it's loudest or by the window. If this is some sort of sensitivity to broadband/Wi-Fi, that would make sense, but I'm looking for a more probable explanation. The areas where it gets louder are only maybe 12 inches in width. If I'm standing in the center of the room and take a step back, once my head is out of that 12 inch area I don't hear it as a 8/10 sound, it becomes a 2/10 sound. I've unplugged my router, but live in an apartment. Is it possible this is EMF I'm hearing?

      I've heard people say that when they first got tinnitus, they thought it was a noise coming from somewhere in their home. I always thought that didn't make sense because my noises were clearly in my head, but this did make me look around the room. So is this what people mean and is there an explanation for this?

      It's 2 AM, I only have 15 mg of Prednisone, and I know less than 60 mg probably won't do anything but this is definitely from dropping the mug. Debating if I should take the whole 15 mg now or space it out over 3 days (5 mg x3) even if it's probably useless. Getting more steroids would be difficult.

      I also have pain hyperacusis and this caused immediate aching pain in my ears, expecting the usual burning to show up later. Hoping I don't get stuck with this tone on top of other sounds.
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      I used to have sound sensitivity / reactive tinnitus following a noise exposure accident... never got diagnosed so I don't know if that is the word. But yeah dropping a cup on the ground would give me that full/odd ear feeling and increased ringing for a while. Sometimes for up to a week.

      But it eventually got better over the course of 2 years, with most improvement coming in the first 6-9 months. None of my spikes were permanent, so there is that.

      Hopefully this can give you a little bit of hope with managing your spike.
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      Acoustic Trauma/Microsuction/Irrigation
      @russiancarl, thanks for that. I ended up taking 5 mg of Prednisone last night before going to sleep and this morning the new sound is gone, just my old pulsatile hissing is there now, so I don't know what that was all about and the Prednisone probably had nothing to do with it going away. Now it's just a hyperacusis spike apparently as my ear that was mostly exposed to it is burning.

      My tinnitus is normally reactive anyways to fans, TV, even my fridge, but this was the first time I had a low pitch tone that seemed to grow louder only in certain areas of the room. I know how crazy it sounds, but I think it was responding to some type of broadband/Wi-Fi going through my room, if that's even possible. It was as if there were invisible beams and if I moved my head into one of these beams it suddenly became very loud. If I was facing one of these areas and was sitting down, turning my head left or right instantly changed which ear I heard it in. Whichever ear was facing these 2 or 3 areas in the room is the ear it would be most prominent in, so yes, it was reacting to something but there was nothing plugged in or turned on in my room for it to react to at 2am.

      Anyways, thanks for the hopeful comment.

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