Conference of Sound Therapy Dunces in September

Discussion in 'Research News' started by japongus, Apr 3, 2016.

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      800 quid plus you get to see some sightseeing, so get your tripadvisor Guildford fedoras out.

      You can get lectured on how

      ''Cognitive behavioural model for hyperacusis asserts that the noise-induced distress in individuals with hyperacusis arises from the meanings they give to their experiences.''

      in keeping with anglo-american puritan repressive discourse of course.

      ''For example catastrophic misinterpretation of physical symptoms (e.g., “my ears will explode when I listen to loud noises”, “I will faint”''

      Except that of course it will explode if you keep going to loud places your probable myoclonus will most probably get worse you dunce. And if you're fainting, look into endolymphatic hydrops instead of exploring the freudian undercurrents of your undergarments.

      ''Hyperacusis can lead to a high level of disability for some leading to joblessness, an overrepresentation of emotional disorders and relationship difficulties.''

      Bitch, please.
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      Unknown at the moment, prob hearing lost/stress.
      Sound therapy "sounds" like a joke to me everytime I see it :/
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