Confused 30-Year-Old [and a Long Story]

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      I recently suffered from heart attack while working out at gym..i am only 30
      I was dizzy and vomitted after which i almost went blind.. but was able to walk around talk to people.,, initially thought i was about to passout during the high intensity training.. which is pretty normal in my gym.. since its more of crossfit type gym.. i was dizzy for a while maybe 45-70mins but it was slowly going down.. I had light chest pain after.. dinner i went home .. couldnt sleep when i laydown as chest pain kept incresing.. rushed to hosptial ecg normal bp normal heart rate normal execpt for a dull ache in chest.. ER doc did xray bloodwork.. xray seemed normal blood work showed i had increased cardic enzymes.... next day they wanted to stent me but.. i didnt do it cause i felt i was alright.. and pci was given as elective..ct angio showed two blood clots/plaques .. did pci after two weeks of mi since my condition was stable.. i was put on xeralto plavix and aspirin during that two weeks.. but fortuntely the blocks dissolved.. its been two months now..did few echos ecgs all showed normal.. but i been feeling kinda odd from the day i came out of hospital..
      I had this dizziness/lightheadedness for almost 2 months now.. doctor took me off xeralto the day before month later took me off plavix beta blockers bp medcines.. just aspirin and statin..
      I initally thought it medicaion making me feel like this but almost all meds taken off... had an small epsoide of sinustis.. i also did vestibular tests.. mri, ct scan. Audio test to diaganose the dizziness but all test came out clean.. ent who treated me for sinus gave me alprazolam .5 tabs to help me sleep.. also did had orthostatic hypotenstion.. 110/62 dropped to 100/63
      I am still feeling dizzy almost all the time.. 1 month before stopping plavix i felt i am always i am on remote.. weak..when i looked myself in mirror i looked like i am standing few feet from within myself.. my mobile screen or monitor will jump at times..
      Now its been one month i still feel milder version of above said symptoms.. say it reduced 60%.. when i am lying down and close my eyes and try to sleep i can feel my back of head pulsating inside me.. some times i get plusating feeling of back side of my head and my eyes also would feel the same..
      audio vestibular doctor said my hearing is fine,, no balance problem..mri was clean..
      Ent doctor .did an endoscopy and ct scan of head.... said sinusitis is mild.maybe u nervous system is weak now.. don't think too much sleep well (hence the sleeping pill .. taking it last 15 days now only taking .25 mg alprazolam )..
      Eye doc said everything normal for routine check up.. i said i having sensitivity to light.. but no reaction from her... eye power did not change.. retina looks ok.. no sign of abnormality . (I did not mention abt my heart condition to eye doc since she was not regular doc i go to)
      I feel tired.. hard to sleep.. pulsating sensation in back of the head almost always when i am lying down.. sometimes when i am outside sometimes i get the pulsating sensation in back of my head and eyes also feel the same sensation with vision pulsating., .. i dont feel like i am gonna vomit.. but this feeling of dizziness and fatigue is very much limiting my activity..
      and past couple of weeks i been starting to notice i have strange noise in my right ear when i am alone and very silent.. .. i thought its the fan or some electrical hizzing noise ... many times in past two months i would get up in middle of night and feel both my ears pulsating .... and sinus pressure all over my face.....

      my vision has been clearing up pretty much now.. at-least i see myself when i look into the mirror.....
      now this hizzzing noize is really bothering me...
      when i close my right ear with my finger the hizzing noise slowly builds up and maintain... its harder in night times too... i plugged my right ear with some cotton whole day yday i did hear the hizzing tone ...
      i am on Piracetam + Ginkgo biloba + Vinpocetine and mild paracetamol.....
      stopped taking aspirin for 4 days now.. but did took 50mg of aspirin two days before since its not wise to stop cold turkey...

      basically i do feel i have anxiety and stress issues.. not sure cause of drugs or shock of my heart attack...and i am sure do hear the hizzzing noise in my right ear..i can hear it when its very silent and esp it becomes very noticeable when i get the anxiety attacks and also during the night times when i sleep on the right side the hizzing sound keep increasing....
      but the hizzing sound is not very loud it drowns out during the day time actives.. but sometimes noticeable when everything becomes quite all of sudden.. and when i am concentrating on other things or walking outside in traffic the hizzing sound disappears...
      i am not sure what is going on in my head.
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