Constant Pulsatile Tinnitus That Stops When I Press on My Left Jugular Vein in My Neck

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      Hello everyone, my name is Dana. I am happy to find a group of people in similar situations! For some background, I am 27, female, 5’2, healthy weight and blood pressure. Throughout my life I have had minor issues with ear pressure and possible TMJ, but nothing material / diagnosed.

      End of August 2023 I noticed the low, rhythmic whooshing in my left ear, pulsing with my heartbeat. Since then, the sound has not stopped. It changes at times - gets lower, more rumbly / static-y, sometimes kind of wheezes through, but the presence of the sound is always consistent. It will stop (or at least greatly decrease) when I press on my upper left jugular vein in my neck.

      I got my ears cleaned, and nothing changed. I went to an ENT at the referral of an urgent care doctor. The ENT did an external check on my body and found nothing, ordered hearing tests which came back perfect. I will be having an MRI for my brain and interauditory canal, with and without contrast, this Friday.

      From my research through the amazing people on Tinnitus Talk, it seems like it may be venous sinus stenosis.

      However, I fear that I will not get anywhere with the ENT I have. I am very inexperienced with medical matters and am not sure how to obtain a different (vascular / neurological / radiology) specialist that many of you suggest. Any advice you have, including anything I should be asking or looking for in relation to my MRI or moving forward beyond that is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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