Constant Ringing to Pulsatile Tinnitus (Both Reactive) Post Concussion

Discussion in 'Support' started by martin12, May 31, 2014.

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      I suffered a severe concussion 10 weeks ago during a fall. Initially i had constant ringing in my right ear (unilateral tinnitus) which is now more of rhythmic Pulsatile tinntius. It is also reactive and can increase with certain sounds. I guess it's one of the symptoms of post concussion.

      Some mornings I wake up and then the first 1-2 hours the tinnitus is VERY quiet. Only up during the day it is incredibly loud (especially if stress myself), and if i'm exhausted/overworked and been in a noisy environment then i get full blown ringing in the ears.

      Oddly enough i have Normal hearing passing all my tests. I'm wondering if anyone else on this board had tinnitus brought on by head injury and if they also went through different stages of Tinnitus?

      I'm w
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      hi martin.ive had pulsatile tinnitus for 8 months now.mine is a hissing that is in sync with my heart beep.i also had a severe concussion 60 days prior to when my pt started.most doctors felt the concussion and my PT weren't related due to the 60 days in between.but I will always wonder if the concussion and the PT are connected.did your tinnitus start right after your concussion?
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      Likely stress, anxiety, an antibiotic and nsaids
      About 8 months into my T I suffered a concussion (I gave it my all but the cement wall bested me :LOL:); it did nothing to my T, even though I have somataform T with a very cranky upper cervical (no cartilage). It would seem logical (even reasonable) a hit to the nogin would be causal (since it makes your ears ring in the first place); however, T has many etymologies and is likely far more complex than a cracked coconut.

    4. AUTHOR

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      Hi Billy-

      My T came on the 2nd or 3rd day after my concussion. The 1st few days i recall it was difficult to hear well out of my right ear.

      I'm still very sensitive to sounds, where my T is reactive.

      What i cannot figure out is if my auditory pathway is hypersensitive to sound and thus hearing my blood flow post concussion or in fact if there is some sort of vessel damage, inter cranial pressure, or a damaged capillary. both MRI/MRA/CT came back normal. However i do feel tingling and bubbling (like if you were to open a soda can) at times in my head.

      It's really annoying and i sure hope to get over this to return to a normal life.
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      Hi Mark-

      I never had T until my head injury. It came on 2 days after my concussion. It's been changing frequencies. At first it was really loud and fortunately of late it's been getting slightly better. I hope for it to completely fade however I don't know the best treatment if it is fluid or inflammation related...

      my other thought is it could be capillary damage in the ear drum. i can't imagine and MRA/MRI would see that?
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      4 weeks
      Hi Martin, I found something useful for us on the web and am following some of it. Please read on .

      The injured brain needs to do two things, First, it needs to cleanse itself of the toxic remnants of the injury. Second, it needs to regain strength (heal) in the damaged areas. B vitamins are the most important. I suggest:

      B-12 (500 to 1000 mcgs daily)
      a B-50 complex, for all the other B's so you get a good balance of B's
      a high potency multi-vitamin like GNC Mega. Centrum and One a Day are too weak.
      Some extra anti-oxidants, Vit C and Vit E
      D3, plenty of this, 1000 to 5000 iu's
      Omega 3, 6, 9 fish oil
      Calcium with magnesium

      It will certainly help with other concussion symptoms and to some extent with T maybe. Also get a higher frequency hearing loss test done if you haven't already
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    7. Eric Gabrielsen

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      Very interesting posts here. And VERY similar experiences.

      I had brain surgery to remove a tumor called a meningioma sitting on the left parietal lobe of my brain. Everything was normal, and I passed all the Physical Therapy/Occu Therapy tests which was their greatest concern. 12 days later the T started and hasn't let up, but it peaked in November and is now what the OP describes, not rhythmic but more an occasional zing or at it's worst a full blow mini lightsaber fight like one other poster described.

      Wonderful to know about the vitamins and I will try it.

      My neurologist who is great tried me on amitryptilin but that has been linked to T and ear problems, I'm on my first week of topomax now to try to hit it like it's a headache/migraine I can hear. They also prescribe it for post-concussive disorder. Wish me luck, it's pretty sedating.

      Very interesting to hear about this and I always thought mine was different from other posters because of the TBI like qualities it had, and it is ALWAYS changing, like every week to 10 days it's a different sound, tone. Sometimes I can hear 5 different ones when they are all going. Freaks me out.

      Thank you again Asian.
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      mild head trauma

      I know this is an old post. But i also have a very similar experience. 2.5 months ago i got post concussion syndrome, which is mostly healed except for the T. The T actually got worse and worse and is now to a point where i haven't slept nor eaten decent for weeks.

      I was wondering if the T for one of you eventually went down? It's very scary that it's only getting worse.

      Unfortunately there is very few information about T after concussion, so i thought i could ask you guys about your experiences.

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