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Discussion in 'Support' started by Blair14, Jan 31, 2015.

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      T is on warp mode today, the worst I think it has ever been. I got a cold and hopefully it is attributed to that, its also storming out and my T has been up for the last 12 days for the most part. I read a couple things that has helped me: You have a choice about managing emotions, your emotional reaction to tinnitus is a matter of attitude. Focus on T equals fuel. Some things are out of your control and are in Gods Hands. Surprisingly I am not having too bad a day, given the circumstances, a little stronger perhaps - progress :). Maybe this helps someone.
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      VERY well stated Blair. I agree with your comments.

      I have constant T and ear pressure. When the weather changes, my bad ear pressure gets worse and the T is louder. When I get stressed about it, it makes it even worse.

      I am coming to the frame of mind that the ear pressure and T are my "new normal" and I will manage it even on the days it is worse.
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      Hey @Blair14 , thanks for sharing! I too just recently got a cold and my T surprisingly spiked pretty gnarly. :confused: It rattled me a bit at first as I have for the most part habituated to my T. But I, as with you, made the choice to control my reaction to the spike, not let my T control me, and got through! Living with T is sooooo much about attitude and mind set.

      I hope you find relief soon, and encourage you to keep up the positive/realistic attitude and perspective! (y):)


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