Could an Intratympanic Injection Into the Ear Cause Pulsing Tonal Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by greenpointer, Dec 14, 2015.

    1. greenpointer

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      I took part in the AM-101 trial (via injections) and now my high-pitched tinnitus gets slightly louder with my pulse. I do not know if the injections caused it. Its pretty faint, so its possible that I always had it and never noticed, or that I just happened to develop it immediately after the injections. However - it is also possible that the injections caused it. Does anyone know of fluid in the ear causing a high pitched pulsing sensation to accompany their constant T? (This isn't the typical PT that resembles a whoosing sound, its the high-pitched type).

      Any information or opinions would be greatly appreciated. I have to decide if I want to go for another round but I'm scared it will make the pulsing sensation worse.

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      Still unknown... possibly noise exposure?
      How long ago were the injection's?
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      How is your T now? Is it still higher after the intratympanic injections? Or did your T come down again?

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