Could It Be My Jaw or Eustachian Tube?

Discussion in 'Support' started by FuzzyFrey, Nov 14, 2014.

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      Hey guys! Just an update from what I posted on this forum a month ago.

      A month ago I discovered a new noise in my left ear, a low droning noise. It's still here, but over the last few weeks it hasn't spiked and I've learnt and understood more about it. After visiting a GP they were able to rule out ear wax blocking the ears, and there are no perforations or infections either. I have been forwarded to ENT, and should they reject me then I will get forwarded to Audiology. That's NHS for you :p

      Anyway, one interesting thing I noticed is that whenever I pinch my nose and try to blow in (vasalva maneuver?) the noise that's in my left ear either subsides and changes pitch, or even disappears altogether. When I equalise the pressure to normal it returns to it's usual noise and tone again. The existing T I have in my right ear (which I've had from being in a rock band as a teenager) and the T in my head (that's been there for over five years) are not affected by this at all (and I never listen to excessively loud music any more) so I am doubtful it is related to hearing loss or my inner ear.

      I do wonder if my jaw joint or eustacian tube could be the source of the problem, given that my left eustacian tube has been a bit dodgy for the best part of at least four years now no thanks to me having to keep flexing my jaw to equalise the 'full' feeling I get in there. I can actually change the pressure at will in there so I end up hearing my own voice or breathing in there, that's been the case for years and it hadn't got worse in that time. The other thing is that my jaw joint on my left side has a history of clicking a little, but in January it started making grinding noises whenever I moved it, and sometimes popping too. Most likely from clenching my jaw tightly, especially when stressed. In July the dentist gave me a mouth guard to wear at night which I did for two months to no avail. I stopped wearing it for a bit but have since started wearing it again since I think I really should try and stay the course to overcoming my jaw problem.

      What are your thoughts guys?
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      Muscle Spasms
      Hey @FuzzyFrey - I just thought I'd drop in to check in on you to see how things are going. Some of your symptoms and pathology strike me as very familiar to my own. Were you able to get your Tinnitus properly diagnosed?
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      It's probably the The lateral pterygoid muscle or The medial pterygoid muscle

      THey are both well hidden by the lower jaw bone. The medial pterygoid muscle causes pain in the temporomandibular joint and the ear, which increases when you bite down on something. It can also refer pain to the back of the mouth, hard palate, and tongue, and can make it hurt to swallow. Tightness in this muscle can make it difficult to open the mouth wide. Moreover, a sense of stuffiness in the ear can come from a tight medial pterygoid when it prevents the Eustachian tube (in the middle ear) from opening.

      The lateral pterygoid is the number one myofascial source of pain in the cheek and mimics sinus pain. It can also stimulate sinus secretions. Many “sinus attacks” are simply are the effects of lateral pterygoid trigger points.. Tension in this muscle tends to pull the lower jaw forward and disarticulate, or partially dislocate the jaw joint. Popping and clicking of the jaw is the result of this

      What could help you is Dry needling those triggerpoints.

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