Could My Brain Lose Track of My Tinnitus If I Listened to a Sound of Random Tones For a While?

Discussion in 'Support' started by sticky, Sep 7, 2014.

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      Hey everyone,

      Had T for around 16 years, with a couple of slight increases here and there due to noise and sickness, but have always managed to come out of it ok, to the point where it just was'nt an issue.

      I recently had an increase and I would say that my T is now moderate. Coming up to a month now since the new volume.

      I presently have to sleep at night with sound (something I always had to do until i got used to it).

      The sound I am using is around 8000hz, and is a series of random tones - I believe it to be ACRN - DIY. but not sure.

      Anyway, this sound DOES scramble my T, to the point where my brain has difficulty "locking on " to my T.

      I wonder, if I listened to this non stop for over a month or more, would my brain "lose track" of my T?

      Or would I be doing more damage by not giving my ears a rest?

      Just wondering......any thoughts?.......probably been tried before.

      Peace to all,

    2. Valentin

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      it won't lose track of the noise, it's a noise within the circuitry.
    3. Kay Reeve

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      I'm now trying this after reading about it a few days ago. Set up yesterday and used in on my MP3 for about 5 hrs today - not all at once as got mild ear ache after 2 hrs. Started it again once T got loud again and found I can even use it during tv. Certainly a distraction from T but not from life. Not like the old masking devices that never masked but added more horrid ear aching noise. Early yet but will update how I get on. How have you found it now?

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