Could This Be Hyperacusis and TTTS?

Discussion in 'Support' started by danni1979, Mar 8, 2016.

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      Hi,ive had ear probs off n on for years,tinnitus,etd etc,i also have what i presume to be hyperacusis(never been diagnosed)most daily noises make me flinch ie putting dishes away,shutting doors etc.
      Anyway back in jan i had a scary episode when suddenly my tinnitus changed pitch & got incredily loud with intense aural fullness the more i spoke or heard sound thw fuller my ear became,as it progressed when i spoke or hear noises i could hear and feel a vibration?? When i flushed the toilet my ear drum fluttered as it did when i yawned to try and equalise the pressure(it didnt equalise it).i had no hearing loss but my ears felt massivly felt liwk my ear drums were being sucked in??It gradually reduced after about 6 hours both times.I have heard ttts mentioned on here?? I saw ent yest n middle ear function is normal and hearing is fine,i had no explaintion for this at!!!!
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      Acoustic Trauma?
      SOunds like me, when I first notice this, I would occasionally try to hum at just the right pitch so that the inside of my ear shook for my own amusement. Here is some info on the symptoms and the anatomy. I think I have both TTS and Stapedius Myclonus but mainly the later of the two. and stapedius myoclonus tinnitus.html

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