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Discussion in 'Support' started by Mike in PA, Jan 9, 2013.

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      I'm a teacher so I'm talking quite a bit during the day. Unfortunately the behavior of my student isn't always the greatest and sometimes I have to raise my voice to get their attention. Over the years I've curbed this bad habit but sometimes still I have to. Anyway...when I do raise my voice I will hear crackling in my ears. Has anyone else experienced this? Before I had tinnitus this has happened although only when I was raising my voice and only when I started teaching (loud sirens will do it too). Sometimes I think this helped trigger my tinnitus.
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      Hi Mike, I posted this from another board, you might want to look at it:
      Idiopathic stapedial muscle spasm

      This condition, in contrast to palatomyoclonus, tends to be a rough, rumbling, or crackling noise often accentuated or triggered by external noises such as voices, rattling of paper, or running water. The symptoms generally follow this exposure, are brief and intermittent, and rarely become disruptive and prolonged. Diagnostic studies include variable-intensity tympanometry in an effort to stimulate the spasm and aid diagnosis, and acoustic reflex testing which may demonstrate a prolonged, continued increased impedance during and after the sound stimulus.5 Primary treatment consists of muscle relaxants, clonazepam or diazapam. Because the symptoms may last only 2 or 3 months and then disappear for long periods, the use of surgery to divide the stapedius tendon should be used very conservatively.

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      Thanks for the info Petloy...

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