Crackling When I Turn My Head, and Many Other Symptoms — Help Me Figure Out What's Wrong

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      6 Hour flight to Italy? I'm not sure...
      Good Evening,

      My name is Adam and I've had a problem with my left ear since October 2018. Let me take this time to give you all a background of my ear problem.

      One day I turned my head and heard a "crackling noise". At first I panicked and thought it was my neck; however, I soon realized that it was coming from inside my left ear. Around January 2019 thru February 2019 I noticed another interesting sound/sensation... Whenever I slightly move my head it feels as if my ear drum is loose or wobbly.

      Okay, so I scheduled a doctors visit at my local Family Walk-In. The doctor saw NO wax; however, noticed fluid behind my ear drum and prescribed me Zyrtec. The fluid behind my ear went away. The doctor also recommended me to go see an ENT.

      So it took two months to see the ENT and i started to notice an abundance of symptoms associated with my left ear. Let me just go over my symptoms with everyone here.

      My Current Symptoms (only in left ear):
      • crackling when I turn my head
      • ear drum feels wobbly whenever I slightly move my head
      • hearing loss
      • I can hear my heartbeat
      • my vision in my left eye SHIFTS when I focus on something (matches my heartbeat)
      • when I do a front-roll (jiu jitsu martial arts class) or jumping jacks I feel dizzy or some kind of vertigo/equilibrium??
      • I used to hear a WHOOSH WHOOSH noise; however, this went away
      • when I talk or sing loud; make a high-pitched noise; my vision shifts, becomes hard to focus, and my ear rings/vibrates (left ear).
      Here is my history with the ENT:
      • hearing test
      • temp tube
      • removal of temp tube
      • enjoy life with the same symptoms.
      My ENT doctor conducted a hearing test and noticed I had some hearing loss. The doctor indicated that my eardrum appears to be "stretched out or more elastic" as compared to my right ear. I took an MRI and nothing looked out-of-the-ordinary. The doctor gave me a temp tube in my left ear to regulate the pressure. No results or symptom changes. Final result: The doctor than indicated that my ossicles could be damaged and does not recommend surgery.

      Conclusion: Whatever this is, it's hindering my daily life; however, I'm prepared to live with it. I would like someone's input on what this may be? Is this just normal tinnitus, ETD, or something else? Does anyone else have the same strange symptoms that I have? Most of all I would really like the cracking noise to go away when I turn my head! Should I look into Balloon Sinuplasty?

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      @adameck33 -- I don't know whether balloon sinuplasty (also known as nasal specific) would help, but I think it's worth looking into. I've seen testimonials where it has helped reduce some people tinnitus intensity, so it seems to certainly have the ability to affect areas of our head that can in turn affect our ear function(s).
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      Did you google types of third window syndrome and are your symptoms matching any?
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