Crazy dream I had about tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by Raindance74, Aug 10, 2014.

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      I've been taking mineral supplements lately that have been causing me to have lucid dreams and last night I had a crazy dream involving my tinnitus. It started like this:
      I get a call from my ENT doctor who tells me to come to his office right away. I go in and he tells me he has good news and bad news. The good news is that he can get rid of my tinnitus today, the bad news was that he had to replace it with some other illness or condition. He then brings in five young volunteers, all of whom have a different chronic disease. He tells me that he will hook me up to each person, and both of us will experience the others illness for 5 minutes upon which time we can permanently swap conditions if we both agree. First he hooks me up to this girl who has carpal tunnel syndrome. Not even ten seconds in the girl jumps up and yells, "Screw this, I'm keeping my sore wrist." and runs out. This scares the other volunteers who promptly leave. The doctor feels bad for me and tells me he'll swap his own condition with me as a little ringing ear can't be all that bad. I ask him what his condition is and he says he won't tell me until after I agree to the condition. When we hook together I don't feel anything bad on my end but he pulls the cables connecting us out after a minute and cancels the procedure again by saying "Man, sucks to be you. You gotta listen to that everyday? I'd kill myself." I get mad at his unprofessionalism and storm out of his office, turning around at the door and asking him "By the way, what was your condition?" He tells me its Erectile Dysfunction.
      What this dream means I have no idea but it was weird. I wish I could remember more details but it was so real I woke up sweating.
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      It's not a dream, it's the truth!!!!
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      Ya T is such an annoyance. Most likely people will choose to have terminal dieases than have T.
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      That's nice. Maybe it was because of his


      On a serious note however, comparing tinnitus to conditions that cause chronic pain is understandable but a bit pessimistic. We are all pretty fragile, but I'd definitely take tinnitus over most diseases/illnesses/conditions out there.
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      Funny stuff @Raindance74. T often shows up in my dreams (the topic, not the actual sound). Never in quite this much detail though. Ha.

      I agree. I think whatever condition one has often seems like "the worst" to them because they are the one dealing with it. I can think of many many conditions that I would never trade to get rid of my T.

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