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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Johnster, Apr 14, 2015.

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      I got T about 2 months ago. I thought my life was over, and I would end up in a mental hospital somewhere. We decided to take it one day at a time, and not think too far into the future.

      So we prayed and prayed and finally got some answers.

      Was able to get some sleeping meds to help me get to a normal schedule - that was huge.

      Then flew to the US (Canada takes forever to see a doc) to see an ENT. Was able to figure out I have conductive hearing loss. Saw another doctor, and got some antidepressants (man was I having crazy irrational thoughts!). After 10 days, those thoughts went away - another huge advancement.

      Back in Canada, went to the doctor and convinced him this was quite serious, so he put me on some anti-anxiety medication - another huge shift. Now waiting on getting a CT scan to see if I have otosclerosis.

      The meds are keeping me semi functional until they see if surgery can help me. They tell me some of my meds have a short life - meaning they will not work in the long term and can have bad side effects when going off of them. I just hope that I have enough meds to either get me to surgery or 6 months when my brain filters it out (prob about the same time).

      For those that are still suffering (like me), i know how you feel. Just take it one day at a time and don't try to think about all the IFs, WHATifs, etc. Stay positive.

      Overall, I am mostly functional, and cautiously optimistic . . .for now. The past month has been a month of miracles for us!
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      Ear infection
      Hi there. I also have had T for about two months. Really struggling also but mainly with sleep; only getting 3-4 hours a night ; I can barely function I am that tired. Can I please ask what sleep meds have helped you? Thank you
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      Sorry to hear you're having difficulties. I was so tired and didn't even know it. I took about 3 Magnesium capsules with some Melatonin the first time (I knew about the problem), and slept for 12 hours - like a rock.

      A couple nights after, i could not sleep, so I ended up going to the doctor and got some Zopiclone, which tied me over for 2 weeks.It started 'wearing off' - only giving me 3-4 hours a sleep, after which I took some Magnesium and Melatonin to get 3 more hours of sleep.

      After that I got a prescription for Ambien, which had about the same effect as the previous.

      The next doctor gave me a more heavy dose of Halcion, which knocks 'me' out for 6 hours, however, once I got medicated for my anxiety (ativan), it was MUCH easier to sleep. W/O it I used to wake up from naps, with twice as much anxiety (so napping was very scary for me).

      I used to only get 3-4 hours a night as well, and it was HARD.

      I would definitely go see your local doctor and get a prescription ASAP. (Don't bother with over the counter stuff, like diphenhydramine - it's a waste in my opinion). I had to pay out of pocket at first, but it was way worth it. Your life will change drastically after this first step.
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      Hi SussanGee, are you afraid to go to sleep?, or do you go to bed with anxiety about your T. If your answers are yes, i can tell you that, if you start to relax before going bed (or better, the whole day), you will have better and better sleep.

      I had a setback at January, couple of weeks (because there is alot of loud noise around christmas, so i got a spike) i got anxious. Those nights were aweful, i wake up in the middle of the night with the T screaming sooo loud. Now, my sound level has not improved that much, but i sleep like a baby 8 hours. When i go to bed, i dont care about the sound, in spite that it as is loudest level because the night is quiter. Just DONT sleep in complete silence. I have understand that silence makes the brain to increase the perception of the sound.

      Have a nice day!,
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      I've had t about the same time as you although I've only started posting and when I read your post I felt so sorry for you but understood exactly how you feel you really think you cannot survive I know I did but somehow u do be strong

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