Cured of My Tinnitus (With Acupuncture)

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Jena, Nov 2, 2015.

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    1. Jena

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      My tinnitus started in June 2012, when I was a young 61yr old. It just appeared out of the blue when I was gardening. Sent by doctor to ENT they said there was nothing wrong with my ears, however sent me for an MRI. This showed up some lesions on my brain and was told it could be MS. By now my life seemed to be falling apart, especially as I have always been healthy apart from having slightly high blood pressure. I had a second MRI a few months later on my brain and spine as lesions show on the spine if MS. Luckily I had none showing, it was diagnosed as small vessel disease. The tinnitus was a real problem as it was in my right ear, was very loud and high pitched. I became depressed and couldn't sleep at night. I done a lot of research as I was determined that I was not going to live with this for the rest of my life. Everyone tells you it's only tinnitus and you have to get on with it. Great. I tried maskers, cognitive therapy, cranial massages, had a dental mouth guard as I had a clicky jaw, chiropractice, neuromodulater interview in London which would cost £4,500 and was not guaranteed, supplements etc. My last resort was acupuncture. On my 5th visit I mentioned that I thought the tinnitus may have something to do with my blood pressure, so she decided to work on my blood pressure channels. Three days later my TINNITUS JUST DISSAPEARED along with my tension headaches and balance problems. I was absolutely overjoyed. I must also add that I think the B12 high strength vit also played a part as I have recently found out that if you are vit. B12 deficient this can cause tinnitus, so I have been taking it for 15 months. It has been 9 months now and every body has been telling me that I am back to my self. So please all of you out there don't give up, keep trying. Tinnitus is such a debilitating thing and nobody understands except YOU.
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    2. uae96

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      Enjoy the silence
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    3. Sailboardman

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      Sensorineural hearing loss right ear.

      I went to an acupuncturist, twice a week, for 8 months and had no success. He was a famous TCM herbalist also. I used his special formulas and nothing changed. I did chiro work, massage theraphy, dental work, etc. Nothing.

      Consider yourself the luckiest person on earth! I wish I could be in your shoes, just for a day! Enjoy your peace.
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    4. brotherdday

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      Gives me hope. I am going to acupuncture this Friday. My ENT recommended I give it a try since one of his friends/patient uses it. Also I found out my BP is also very high and just started a med for it. I am hoping if I get the BP under control and the anxiety under control it will at least greatly diminish the T.
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    5. Michael Calbera

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      Grats Jena, enjoy the silence :)
      I would like to try acupuncture next month if my T still here
    6. jpg12379

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      Hello everyone
    7. jpg12379

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      There is a sure treatment for tinnitus by Acupuncture if the person who is going to treat know properly
    8. jpg12379

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      Good evening sir you have to take first step to find a good acupuncturist
    9. wishingluck
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      not sure, but probably acoustic trauma
      I am so happy for you, Jena! :) This is great.

      Yes all these blabbermouths say 'it's only tinnitus, it's not life threatening'. Basically if you aren't already dying or bleeding profusely, they just say you are OK.

      And yes no one understand. These guys least of all. But that's the way it is.
    10. Andersson

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      Acupuncture helped me lower my T, I have problems with stiff neck muscles and lowering the tensions with acupuncture and stretches lowered my volume a bit.

      Acupuncture is worth a try if you know you have a problem somewhere, like stiff neck muscles, or blood flow problem etc.
      But yes its hard to find a good acupuncture. I went to 2 different within the healthcare and they did not do much, I went to a known private one and such a difference.
      But the healthcare one is free, the private is kinda expensive.
    11. noisebox

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      West End show. Came back 2015 vitamin D overdose prescribed
      I'm getting acupuncture on NHS for a back issue, I wonder if she will try blood pressure points too. My blood pressure is too high and a lot higher than my whole life before.
      The problem is NHS staff are usually only allowed to treat the one area the GP asks for.
    12. Purple Parrot

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      12/2015 - 3/2016
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      Multiple: anxiety, childhood ear infections, loud music
      I also had a positive experience with acupuncture. Strangely, the volume actually increased after my session...but then, for 5 days after, it was much better! I pretty much forgot about it. Then I experienced some stress again, and the tinnitus went back to where it was before :-(

      I'm going to go again to the same acupuncturist in the new year and maybe it will help again?
    13. Charlie396

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      Thinking about trying it just to see what happens.

      What do you guys think is a decent amount of sessions to see any general benefit?
    14. Jena

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      High Noisebox,
      Just ask your Doctor to refer you to the acupuncturist for your tinnitus, you may be lucky some do some dont. I went private, cost me £40 a session. I was one of the lucky ones and have been tinnitus free for nearly a year.
    15. Harold

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      Jenna HI ! and your Tinnitus acupuncture cure at your age to me is amazing! I am a war veteran with the same high pitch Tinnnitus noise and the hearing loss that came with it back in 1968 when i came home from the vietnam war.... So i happen to take my wife to have her ear drums checked out by the best ENT in new york city...Turned out that she was fine , but we asked if the DOC would check my ear drums while i was with my wife.
      While being checked out i mentioned my 45 year old Tinnitus and if there is anything new in the medical world these days of 2016 , that may help decrease this very loud nerve wracking TINNITUS Torture....She simply tells me NOTHING to do .. I got so angry but i was quiet as a mouse while my blood pressure had to shoot up then.What the ENT did tell me was ,that i should do a sleep study test and then use a C PAP device to help my breathing at night so i can sleep better....and i should be fitted for the newest hearing aids on the market..So now this is my agenda, and not expecting all this as i was just a quest ,became a frightening event for me.. I am 69 going on 70 but feel active like in my 50.s ... i seemed to have got used to my worst Tinnitus volume , though my daily habits include driving , and listening to the radio, that inturn distracts me and keeps me busy. If Weather is terrible i am on the indoor BIKE peddling to keep in shape... In the summer months i walk by the shore 2 hours every morning when possible but with the radio music and ear buds..I also tried MANY THINGS TO WARD
      off my loud Tinnitus , but to no avail... on many occasions the noise has kept me out side the loop with family and friends...My worst times were sitting and eating and chatting with those around me , while the background noise mixed with my loud tinnitus made me feel like i was sitting alone as i would not hear clearly enough to join in .....anyway i did go to China Town for accupuncture at a time i had lost much weight and was in greater shape and younger , and so i was more
      aware and disturbed by the loud spiking high pitched whystle sound that keeps me company to this day 24/7
      The accupuncture i had was for stress and not getting to sleep when i wanted to at the hour i wanted..It did not help my Tinnitus ! I was losing control of my sleeping i was having the age issue and still do of having to pee every few hours day and night.. Family members have told me to curb my drinking habits and .confine drinking to morning hours only.. i found that to be rediculous , so i still maintain the freedom to drink as i wish...i have tiny lights on my walls to lead me to the mensroom while i am half in sleep mode.. Some times i get back to sleeping and sometimes the Tinnitus stress keeps me from that i end up sleeping 4 maybe 5 or 6 hours on those nights... If i am ralaxed and not in any anxiety, stress or panic mode i can sleep till the full am time...Now though i have gained extra pounds , by letting my balanced veggie meals and portion control activity fade away as i indulged in a happy unhealthy carb binge.... but it caught up to me....I am sure my pressure is elevated and even a contsant mild elevation will spike my T its been reality today for me .to lose the pounds and get my pressure down a bit that also may lower my Tinnitus. over time......... I have work to do and will do this
      very shortly.. ive been told i am approaching a sleep apnia issue , if i don't take off the weight ....I wright about all this on here , to maybe help others who may have the same issues and are in DENIAL about the need to TRIM the mid section and get back into shape... so Getting older does not mean getting lazy and eating the wrong foods for comfort.. that means there is a thing called the battle of the bulge and we all should try to fight that battle to win it for a healthy chance at enjoying the older years.. Theres lots to enjoy out there if we decide to aim for it... and by the way ,succeeding in this challenge , involves the happiness of those friends and family i mentioned above .....Oh! and i will get hearing aids. during this health work out !
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    16. Jena

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      I am so sorry to hear your tinnitus story. Having tinnitus for so long is very upsetting to hear. I know that i am the luckiest person to have recovered from a most debilitating and stressful thing. I presume your tinnitus came from loud noise and explosions. There are a few trials going on, especially for the veterans of today, try and hold on to some positive thinking which i am sure you have in the past. I do also take a high dose of B12 and when I forgot to take it for a few days it tried to break through again, so i will always take this vitamin, it works on the nerve cells in the brain. I kind of feel that my brain has rewired itself as my balance problem has gone and my tension headaches too. Its quite a mystery to me why it started and finished after 3 years. I hope that some cure comes along soon as I feel so much for people with this continuous noise, i have so much empathy. You deserve to have some PEACE in your life.

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