Cursed by the Tinnitus Demon

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by funeralcry, Oct 28, 2020.

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      I have been looking at this forum for a while but I finally thought I would post here. I am fairly new to this disease and I don't know exactly what caused it but I have theories. My tinnitus fluctuates a lot but was basically screaming as I was trying to sleep. I know mine isn't as bad as some peoples on here but it is still horrible.

      I was already quite depressed before so I was used to an certain degree of suffering but honestly nothing prepared me for this. I will give it time to see if the situation improves or not but I have come to some realisations.

      This condition shows how messed up and pathetic the human body is especially as I know it can get way worse than mine. I think it is rational not wanting to be alive really at this point. I feel like as an person I'm not built for an condition like this.

      Hopefully things get better but I will not be sitting around for years in pain if not.

      If it gets much worse I'll be gone. Despite the fact that tinnitus itself doesn't physically kill people it kills people inside. I admire anyone who has survived years with this.
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      Stress, shot
      Don't give up. If the human body has one significant property, it's its ability to habituate. If you look at disabled pets or animals, it's quite astounding how fast they can adapt.

      One of the most important points is to try to not actively listen to the noise, take it for granted, and change your perception of the noise. Don't view it as bad noise, view it as how the ear just functions, basically. As a natural part of your hearing.

      The best cure if it's permanent is a cognitive behavioural therapy. Check the official European Tinnitus guideline here:

      Otherwise, you still have a good chance that it goes away, try to reduce the stress you put on yourself by thinking positively.

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