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      Hi everyone!

      I was just wondering if anyone has ever tried taking cyclandelate to alleviate some tinnitus. I came up with the idea, which I will eventually propose to my doctor, through a study I found on NIH's website. It's a vasodilator that is mainly used to treat peripheral vascular disorders, but sometimes used to treat cerebrovascular disorders. One clinical trial had many patients that say 90 days of treatment reduced the severity and frequency of their symptoms, while a follow up study showed that it did not significantly change loudness/pitch of the tinnitus. The symptoms it can supposedly be helpful for are tinnitus, vertigo, and "visual disturbances." I do get the occasional tunnel vision, and I have constant tinnitus ever since having what I think was an acute vascular insufficiency, so I'm definitely interested in giving the medicine a try if a doctor sees fit-- therefore, I just wanted to hear about any stories/experiences with this drug.

      Thanks guys. :)

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