Cyclists: Opinions on Aftershokz Bone Conduction Headphones?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Clerkp, Nov 25, 2021.

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      So now that I'm ditching IEMs generally, I'm still looking for a headphone option.

      My primary use case would be cycling where even some slight background noise would be appreciated.

      Any experience with the Aftershokz bone conduction style?

      My primary concern would be that I assume the volume will need to be fairly high to hear them outdoors on a bike versus sealing IEMs.

      A different option would be to try something like the Bose Sunglasses.

      Again, I completely understand that volumes will need to be low but even a slight background music or even a podcast goes a long way when you are on a bike for a couple of hours. I've done a few rides sans music and while tolerable, I must prefer something.
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      Love the Aftershokz. Hope they’re safe for tinnitus. Not sure though.
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