Damned if I Do Damned if I Don't!

Discussion in 'Support' started by kayla, Feb 28, 2015.

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      still trying to find out
      afternoon everyone

      so i went back to my doctors yesterday for a second opinion and my doctor said my ear s still both look dull which could mean there was an infection and maybe trapped fluid still.
      so he gave me antibiotics which i started taking yesterday well today boy!!! did i wake up with a migrane which is just started to subside now argghhhh
      want this ear pain and infection to go but look like gona have to deal with headaches to never easy ride is there!!!

      just wandering if anyone has had similar to me where its been infection or trapped fluid thats causing the tinnitus and if it went after it all cleared up?
      confused by the dull ear drum thing i still today have awful earache

      thanks in advance and im loving this group so nice to read other peoples experience what there going threw and no im not alone

      kayla x

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