Delayed Setback After a Noise Blast

Discussion in 'Support' started by Marc22, Jul 22, 2019.

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      Hi friends:

      Amongst my own peculiar and as yet inexplicable reactions with my having hyperacusis, one that I have noticed over some time is that I can have a setback after a worrisome noise exposure ONLY THE NEXT MORNING. Some times of course the reaction is relatively immediate. But one gauge of my ear health is how my ears are in the morning. If they are OK, then my moderate hyperacusis is stable. If I wake up with some trouble, I know that some worrisome exposure from the previous the day has affected me more than I thought. Why this happens I do not know. Does any such thing happen to you?

      I am writing about this because I am going through a moderate setback after many months of being relatively OK. I will spare you the details of the noise exposures I have been through over the last 3 days... But we all know that we can't predict everything that is going to happen to us unless we stay inside as hermits. We think we are making a right move in some situation... but no. We get wacked and we pay for it... for one hour, one day, one month, 6 months.

      Take care.
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