Did not learn anything new at today's appt.

Discussion in 'Support' started by Leah, Nov 5, 2013.

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      Very nice ENT, took time to explain about tinnitus etc. Will have a hearing test next week, MRI, and did think I "might" benefit from a hearing aid. Of course in my dreams he was going to "cure"
      me. sigh...so back right where I started, here with all of you to lean on and learn and wait for the cure.:thankyousign:
      Just a side note, a resident came in first to do exam and take history. He mentioned no caffeine but suggested de-caf. Doc comes in and says no decaf either that some coffee and sodas have a 10% amount of caffeine.
      Just an example different doctors, different theory. Hope you are having a good day.
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      Yes, Leah. A lot of people go into an appointment with the ENT hoping for answers about tinnitus, only to leave knowing what they already know. It has happened to me several times. I know the disappointment of it. It depends on the individual, but I have found that caffeine and nicotine have no effect on my tinnitus whatsoever. If I drink too much caffeine, that does send my anxiety through the roof which is the worst thing to deal with when confronting tinnitus. If you find that caffeine does not bother you much, it is honestly not a big deal to have some. Just don't overdo it.
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      Thanks for your kind words.
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      Hi Leah!

      I know it sucks when you go home from the doctor and just feel worse. It's supposed to be the other way around. The doctor should make you feel better.

      Here is a clip of David Letterman and William Shatner talking about tinnitus. Both have it. David Letterman says he have a bad case of it. Still he is running a popular talk-show and making people smile. That is quite impressing.


      I don't know if you have read this letter. But it is a letter from a tinnitus sufferer, to everyone who has tinnitus. I think the guy who wrote it is a doctor. Check it out: Letter to a Tinnitus Sufferer | American Tinnitus Association

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