Different Types of Tinnitus and Duration?

Discussion in 'Support' started by martin12, Jun 23, 2014.

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      I'm looking at this board and i'm curious as to the time lenghts/duration of Tinnitus. It seems to be we classify tinnitus into:

      1. Noise Induced
      2. Ototoxic Induced
      3. Head Injury Induced
      4. Age-Hearing Loss Induced (which might apply to all of the above).
      5. Ear Infection

      What i'm wondering about is for which of these conditions is Tinnitus temporary or permanent? Or are they all permanent conditions after say 6 months? I would be very interested in hearing which causes have the quickest recovery and which ones don't.

      I'm in the camp that also believes Tinnitus is provoked by a cause, and therefore different causes might provide different time lengths of recovery.

    2. RichL

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      Acoustic trauma
      Simple, They can all be permanent or they could all clear up after a certain length of time, no one can know!
      I agree Tinnitus, I believe, is provoked by a cause and is not a normal phenomenon at all!
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    3. Magpie

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      I'm in the camp that also believes Tinnitus is provoked by a cause, and therefore different causes might provide different time lengths of recovery.

      I'm of the belief that the longer the duration of tinnitus the less likely it is to disappear and that might be regardless of the cause. Over the years I've read 100's or 1000's of posts where the cause has differed but tinnitus has been present for years. Maybe once the brain locks onto it it becomes a permanent fixture. But I also believe remedying the cause is the best option and maybe the only option as far as curing tinnitus. Once hair cells are damaged or dead it maybe impossible to cure tinnitus because of the reduced input to our auditory system.

      Other causes of tinnitus may include:
      MS, Meniere's, TMJ, Otosclerosis, Depression, meningitis and some others.
    4. Asian

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      4 weeks
      My aunt told me she had an ear infection and that gave her tinnitus for the whole year in her left ear...eventually that went away but she never bothered about it and ignored it..maybe she had a mild case and that took a YEAR to go away completely..hang in there
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    5. Martin69

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      (Health) Anxiety
      Mine was definitely caused by stress, maybe depression (although I did not feel depressed).
      Nothing noise-induced, injury etc.
      It was like someone tuned up the volume from 0 to 100.
      It is unchanged for 8 months now.
      Anxiety has gone down a little bit, depression is high.
      Maybe if I am through the depression, things will improve.
      You never know if T will go away. I do not believe in those 3, 6 and 12 months marks.
      When I had my T for only 5 minutes, I knew I will be in big trouble for a long time.
    6. jewellanne1010

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      I got T from inner ear barotrauma have had it for 15 years
    7. xmierce

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      I got T from barotrauma as well from a flight with a bad cold.
    8. citigirl13

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      I think it's hard to predict when T will go. Usually the best thing to do is to find the cause of the T and treat it. Unfortunately I find stress a very difficult one to solve, because I feel that even when people calm down their T is still presence - though perhaps it is a lot calmer when relaxed. I have heard people's T is louder when they are stressed.
    9. AUTHOR

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      @ Martin69, if yours was induced by stress then are your hearing tests perfect? As in present OAE and excellent hearing with most frequencies?
    10. K.Sarah

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      Loud noise exposure from edm music festival
      Noise-induced tinnitus. I have been going through it for 10 weeks. I have moments like the tone flares up. Still wishing it will go away soon.
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