Difficulty to find people who really understand us :)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Ozzy, Nov 5, 2013.

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      * Ear infection * 20 years later huge sound increase due to stress
      We all have tinnitus, and as you know, no matter how we try to explain what we go through, it is difficult to find people who can really understand us! Below, you can find a funny story about this situation. It is a story of a famous man named "Nasreddin Hodja".

      First, few words about him:
      Nasreddin Hodja ("Hodja" means teacher or scholar) is a legendary character in the Middle East and Central Asia, who is considered a philosopher and wise man, remembered for his funny stories and anecdotes which are translated into many languages. He is a real person who lived in 13th century in the city of Konya (in modern-day Turkey).

      Now the story:

      One day Nasreddin Hodja fell from a donkey very badly. He was lying on the ground grimacing with pain. The people quickly sorrounded him. They were very anxious, as they saw that he was obviously suffering. They told him: “Hodja, stay there. We are going to call you a doctor. Don't worry. He will be here soon."

      Hodja looked at the people around him and he said: "No, no! Don’t call the doctor.
      I don’t need a doctor. Just bring somebody who had fallen from a donkey, too!


      Sounds familiar? :)
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      haha! So true! In Germany they have quite a few rehab clinics that also offer a tinnitus treatment regime, and it helps to talk to people who really know. Forums are good for this too.
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      No one except those who have tinnitus will ever understand.
      My family and friends all know I have tinnitus but seldom say anything about it. I guess most think I am crazy or just a big wimp for letting a little noise bother me .
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      Acoustic trauma from headphones
      You're not a wimp. Most everyone here could tell you that. It's hard to empathize with those who have the condition unless that person has it as well.

      Same with most conditions. I can't understand how someone with any variety of issues feels even though I am afflicted with a couple to varying to degrees. How can I understand what life is like for someone with AIDS?

      If you establish that its something that truly affects you people will understand better. Most of the suggestions I get fall along the lines of "Well think about how worse it could be" or "Just learn to live and move past it". Unfortunately, I think that first piece of advice is crap, and annoying to hear from anyone. The second piece of advice is a little bit better, but as well, it feels like when someone puts it that way they're just understimating the effect it has on the person who is experiencing it.
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