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      1997, 5/23/2016
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      Concert, Hockey Game
      Background: I was experiencing much distress due to personal trauma. On top of that, I attended a funeral of a loved one and cried my eyes out -- likely causing congestion. That same night, I attended a hockey playoffs game (decibel levels reach 102, anything above 85 decibels is dangerous). 2 days later, in my left ear, I was experiencing 1) sensitivity to sound - paper/plastic bags sounded extremely loud. Also, the sound of my joints popping slightly as I descended stairs was highly exaggerated to my left ear. 2) I was hearing metallic distortion to my own voice, others voices, and other incoming sounds (especially traffic & the shower). The distortion sounded like an "ing" metal bowl resonating. The distortion was more prevalent inside cars, which I understand is an environment of increased atmospheric pressure.

      Doctors: After 10 days, my symptoms were not dissipating and I visited the ER due to fear from reading posts online in forums such as this one! I was terrified of SSHR or the possibility that I needed steroids asap. Fortunately, I was diagnosed with ETD eustachian tube dysfunction, despite not having any feeling of fullness in the ear. The Dr prescribed Zyrtec antihistamine and Afrin nasal drops. I decided to take Sudafed decongestant on my own. My symptoms greatly reduced within a week. A month later, I visited an otarynologist/ENT and an audiologist within the same office for a follow-up. My tympanogram was normal and hearing tests were perfect. Since the tympanogram indicated normal inner ear pressure, the ENT disagreed with the ER Dr and diagnosed TTS temporary threshold shift, instead. He indicated my ears are "too good" and surpass normal hearing, which make them more sensitive to loudness. He thought the hockey game had traumatized my left ear similar to a sunburn. With TTS, symptoms can arise a couple days after the loud event. He believed over the next few weeks, the strained left ear had naturally healed itself as expected. He'd expect in a case like mine, for 100% restoration full recovery within a couple months of the trauma. However, with age and repeated exposure to >85 noise levels, permanent damage is a reality. Hearing protection in loud environments is a MUST.

      Conclusion: Like many of you, I was terrified/depressed/anxious/desperate. I am a believer in the healing power of God and prayer- and that's what got me through every single day of torment. I had friends pray for me and I prayed in faith that God would heal me of this bizarre and maddening malady. Our Father works in the natural (medical science) and the supernatural (divine healing). I promised Him that I would come back here and type up my testimony. My left ear is functioning normally now and the symptoms have completely disappeared. Even if your condition is not the same as what mine was, I believe you can find relief! I would love to pray for your healing - I serve in the Healing Rooms. I'm at the location in the silicon valley bay area, although locations are worldwide. You are more than welcome to visit!
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