Do Certain Tinnitus Sounds Correspond to Certain Physiological Causes?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Hil, Apr 7, 2016.

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      I know there are so many different types of tinnitus sounds people get, and I was wondering if there's any connection between certain sounds and the physiological source of the sound.

      For example, I know some tinnitus is due to problems with the nerves, maybe a compressed nerve or something like that. Would tinnitus due to that tend have a particular sound, or could it be different for everyone?

      Looking at it from the sound standpoint, some people have, say, a low rumbling sound. Would there be dozens of different possible causes for that sound, or are there only just a few?

      Have any correlations been made between types of sounds and their sources, or is it all just different from person to person?
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      Acoustic Trauma
      That's a good question. For some types, like pulsate tinnitus that follows your heartbeat it's pretty obvious. Others, I do wonder about. In general tonal tinnitus is thought to be an (inappropriate) brain response to a loss of auditory input, be it damaged hair cells or damaged nerves.

      One thing I keep wondering is the difference between 'ear' tinnitus and 'head' tinnitus. I have experienced both and both are distinctly different. The head tinnitus for me is the loudest and the one that never fluctuates at all. Does that mean it's centralized? I don't know.
      I asked about it here:
      The data does not show a strong correlation between how long a person has had tinnitus and whether they perceive it in their ears or in their head. There does, however, seem to be a trend for people to develop tinnitus in both ears the longer they've had it.

      I think these surveys are a great tool, and something we could use to help give a better understanding of the different types of tinnitus.
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      First time: Noise 2nd Time: Ototoxic drug
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      Apart from the issues listed there, a vestibular schwannoma normally causes high-frequency hearing loss and T, often only in one ear (although you might get one on both sides).

      As far as I know, most people have a T with ~4kHz.
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      Hil, old post but did you find any more information on what was causing yours? I have the tonal morse like sound too (I relate mine to multiple car alarms)

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