Do Computer Games Affect Your Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by jerryjerry, Oct 22, 2016.

    1. jerryjerry

      jerryjerry Member

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      How do computer games affect your tinnitus. I often play PlayStation and quite often I get fleeting tinnitus, maybe because of the stress. What about you?
    2. Jason C

      Jason C Member

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      29 May 2016
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      Burgler Alarm
      I don't play games anymore as the audio just sounds all messed up.
    3. Sam Bridge

      Sam Bridge Member

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      Loud music/gigs probably
      Has no effect at all.
    4. DefNFlaky

      DefNFlaky Member

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      Acoustic Trauma
      Depends on the games I play, nothing on MechWarrior but the car on mad Max tends to aggravate a little. If I get too stress, I run crusader king 2, Shogun and others for the relaxing music and pace.
    5. snow47

      snow47 Member

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      I think pressure to jaw. I don't know.
      I play sometimes. It doesn't effect on me.
    6. RockyDoctah

      RockyDoctah Member

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      Not really sure...Bad ear infection?
      Doesn't affect my T, so it probably won't affect yours.
    7. Jomo

      Jomo Member

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      going for a rim shot on the snare drum.
      def effects mine sometimes..i got this sensation the other night like my hearing was going in and out from the left ear to the right. Cant even say my hearing was going in and out because I honestly am not sure what was going on but I did feel a sensation. I play madden and it can be stressful as hell because of all the unpredictable things that can happen. But throughout my Tinnitus experience I have noticed some strange sensations such as a slight pinch type feeling and even today I felt this warm feeling in my left ear. No idea what any of it means unfortunately but nothing has changed for me.
    8. Krish230

      Krish230 Member

      London, UK
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      Noise induced - nightclub
      No effect on my T.
    9. racerfish
      No Mood

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      Noise / T worsened with antiobiotics
      No effect though I always keep the volume at a low level. If anything, anytime I'm playing a game, I completely forget my T is even there.
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