Do I "Really" Have Pulsatile Tinnitus...?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Ian Mc, Sep 16, 2019.

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      Hi there, I would like to get your thoughts as to whether or not I really do have pulsatile tinnitus or have I just tuned into the sound of my heartbeat / pulse in my left carotid.

      I first noticed the sound of my heartbeat in my left ear a few years back while working in a recording studio (where it's very quiet). I dismissed it at the time as nothing to worry about as like everyone else I have heard my heartbeat / pulse in my ears while climbing stairs, when being frightened by something etc.

      I have heard the beat / pulse in the recording studio several times since then but the last time I heard it (around 4 months back) I latched on to it for some reason (I wish I hadn't). After much research I started to think that there was something wrong.

      I can only hear the beat / pulse in very quiet situations such as sitting quietly, in bed etc. It's a very quiet sound and certainly cant be heard in normal day to day activities. It is not a whooshing sound, just a lub dub heartbeat sound. My posture also has a major bearing on me hearing it, e.g. If I'm sitting poorly in a chair with my neck leaning to the left I can hear it thumping away in my left ear, it stops immediately if I then sit up straight.

      I've been examined by 3 doctors and have had an MRI, nothing was found there, I plan to have an ultrasound of my carotids next week.

      I would appreciate your thoughts...?

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      You might just have low iron levels! It's a pretty common reason to start hearing your pulse.
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